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Top Residential and Commercial Locksmith and Doors in Vaughan Toronto Ontario

Security system company located in Vaughan, Toronto Our Vaughan locksmith location performs a variety of lock, key, door, intercom and security system related services. Choose Xpress Locksmith Vaughan for professional, expert quality door and lock installations and repair. Our technicians are ready to meet all your business and home security needs.

Vaughan Security System Installations

We install high quality security systems, including door access control systems and digital video recording equipment. Our security systems allow you to monitor your home, parking lot, employees, store or other business operations. The biggest benefit of a modern access control system is customizability. When a tenant leaves your building or an employee quits, just delete the person from your system to enjoy worry-free security. Learn more about Vaughan security systems.

Vaughan Security Doors

Xpress Lock & Door installs steel doors and door frames to maximize protection of property and your family. Rusted or difficult doors are often a result of time and the elements. We install high quality doors, hinges and frames, adding both security and aesthetic appeal to your building. Our doors also cause an increase in energy efficiency thanks to our attention to details like weather stripping. Learn more about Vaughan security doors.

Business and Residential Intercom Systems in Vaughan Toronto

Building owners and managers choose Xpress Lock & Door for industrial complex, condominium and apartment intercom systems. Easily programmable keypads work apart from, or in conjunction with, manual authorization intercom systems. Our intercom systems come in wireless and wired styles. Get more information about Vaughan intercom systems.

Vaughan Rekey Door Lock Services

When a tenant or employee leaves, or you have reason to suspect the existence of duplicate keys, contact Xpress Vaughan Lock & Door for rekeying services. Rekeying your locks is an effective countermeasure against unauthorized access to your premises. This service is most frequently used by building managers and landlords seeking to bring their rental units into compliance with the safest tenant-protection practices. Collect more information on Vaughan rekeying services.

Toronto Vaughan Electronic Locks

Choose to upgrade your existing locks to keyless door locks with punch code access. Top brands like Schlage locks offer keypad entry locks to allow you to carry less keys on your key ring. Keyless locks can be reprogrammed when living or work arrangements change. You’ll adjust who has access to your home or business. Find out more about Vaughan electronic locks and installation services.

Our Garage Door Repair Toronto expert service team is on call to come and assist you with all your garage door repairs and services. Operating on the East coast of Canada and with over 15 years of experience between them, our friendly team of garage door installers will come and service or repair your rolling door, whether you live in the city or country.

We offer the following garage door services:
* Spare parts for all types of garage doorsrepair services
* Replacement of parts
* Garage door opener replacement and repairs
* Roller door repairs
* Broken springs
* Broken cables
* Replacing hinges
* New remote controls
* Insurance claims for damages

We recommend having your garage door serviced by a Garage Door Repair Toronto service technician every 12 months to ensure a healthy functioning and longer lasting garage door.  
When it comes to maintaining your garage door, there are a few things you can do to extend the lifespan of your garage door:

Top tips for maintaining your Garage Door Repair Toronto:

Tracks maintenance


garage door repair
Use a clean cloth and some WD40 (or similar product) to clean the internal sections of the track. Make sure to remove any dirt or moisture. DO NOT use grease or oil on the tracks.
Steel hinge maintenance
Making sure to use sparingly, use a white lithium grease spray to lubricate the steel hinges. You can also use white lithium grease spray to lubricate the wheel to axle bearings.

Spring maintenance

A small amount of white lithium grease spray should be used to spray along the length of the springs.
The following should be checked on a regular basis; however, repair or service to these parts should only be done by a qualified Garage Door Repair Toronto technician.

Cable maintenance

Inspect every 3-6 months for signs of wear and tear. Any evidence of fraying or corrosion should be attended to immediately. The cables are under extreme tension and should only be adjusted by a qualified Garage Door Repair Toronto technician.

Spring tension maintenance

It is normal for springs to lose their tension therefore we recommend that you regularly open and close your door to test the spring tension. If you have an automatic opener fitted to your garage door you will need to disengage it first. Now open and close your door, if your door is maintaining appropriate tension, it should require the same amount of force to open it as it does to close it.
Contact Garage Door Repair Toronto today for all your garage and roller door repairs in Toronto and across Canada – we can help you with everything from garage door opener replacements to rolling door repairs.

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